42 by Detalytics helps activate the best version of you when it matters most

Everyone has different aspirations in life or work performance goals. The question is which version of you you would rather be when that moment arrives?

You can only achieve your goal or aspiration, get more out of your life or work and fully experience it with the best and healthiest version of you.

We help you activate that version of you.



because anything else is sub-optimal
FULL FITNESS is about achieving optimal state of
physical, cognitive and mental readiness to thrive in what lies ahead

42 the digital coach created to help you reach your Full Fitness.

Backed by science,
aligned to your goal and
on your own terms.

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Different Responsibilities, Different Impacts. The goal is the same, to reach optimal readiness when it matters most.

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Full Fitness for


Every day you operate in the domains that save lives. Your patients depend on you to be operational ready when your shift starts. Let 42 show you your current and projected fatigue levels, the contributing factors and your recommendation to recover and be ready when it matters
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Full Fitness for


Your passengers and crew count on you to be mission-ready and fly them safely to the destinations. You need to be sharp and ready before the mission to deal with and overcome any unexpected events that will test your experience, skills and decision-making ability. Let 42 help you to reach Full Fitness and be mission-ready.
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The future of the company is under your stewardship. You want to excel and thrive, yet you wonder if you can repeat peak performance without getting burnt out. Let 42 help you unleash your full potential in a repeatable and sustainable way.
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You have planned for the dream vacation for quite some time, every last detail taken care of so that you will have the experience of a lifetime. The last thing you want is to be overcome with jet lag fatigue when you arrive and wish that you have another holiday to make up for this holiday. Let 42 help you reduce your jet lag impacts, at a pace that suits you.
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Lifespan without healthspan means unnecessary financial and emotional burdens to your loved ones. Let 42 detect early signs of health risks you otherwise would have missed, take charge of your wellbeing and navigate with you each day to experience the joy of living.

Your journey to FULL FITNESS starts
with the first step