Human Factors Matter.

Meet Detalytics.

We want to understand, not guess, how people are doing in their jobs. Technological and computational advances now allow us to apply the same data-driven approach to people management as we do to other complex reflexive systems. We believe in intelligent, objective and relevant human resource management and optimization. In order to achieve this, Detalytics has created analytics products specifically to help organisations augment and optimise workforce management with ready-use data analytics.

We operate in domains that impact human lives everyday.

Our highly scalable platform can be used in these applications:

  • Patients' responses to treatment protocols
  • Patients’ responses to surgery
  • Patients' surgery readiness assessment and tracking
  • Telemedicine and remote patients’ monitoring
  • Addiction management enhancement
  • Elder care management
  • Professional Wellcare programs
  • Staff fatigue induced risk management
  • Shift Scheduling and task readiness
  • Enhanced Human Factors Analytics
  • Flight-Work Readiness Status
  • Pre and Post Flight Fatigue Status Tracking
  • Pilot/Crew Shift Scheduling Integration
  • Crew and Team Analytics (Deployed Stand-By Lay over)
  • Staff Fatigue Induced Risk Assessment and Management
  • Cabin Crew Management and Resource Optimisation
  • Training Response Analytics
  • Insurance Costs Management with Analytics-based Optimization
  • Selection and Training Optimisation
  • Individual/Team Analytics In Relation to Risk and Productivity
  • Effectiveness of Health and Wellness Programs
  • Medical and Insurance Costs Analytics
  • Employee Health Optimisation
  • Fatigue Assessment In Relation to Task
  • Employee/Team Task Readiness
  • Shift and Schedule Optimisation
  • Employee Training Responses

For Healthcare

Detalytics Shield

Designed with and for healthcare professionals, our Shield platform consists of a suite of analytics which make management and remote patients' monitoring both easy and efficient. Integral to healthcare providers' existing workflow, Shield provides analytics and predictions of individual patients' status, allowing clinicians and clinical staff to manage and intervene proactively with their patients. Shield helps maximise healthcare resources while optimising healthcare delivery.

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For Human Factor Resilience in Risk-based Industries

Detalytics Vanguard

Our unique suite of analytics provides unprecedented knowledge and predictive intelligence on workplace health risks and human asset management. Designed especially for industries with shift based operations like healthcare, aviation, transportation, construction, mining and exploration, Vanguard provides individual employees with proactive indicators of their fatigue, resilience and work readiness status. In operations management, Vanguard’s analytics provide the knowledge needed to monitor, regulate and optimize team readiness and systems' resilience level. Vanguard advances employees’ health and reduces operations costs related to unknown, unmeasured human-factor risks.

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Human Factors Resilience and Optimisation for Business

Detalytics Prime

Prime is meant to enhance human asset management in competitive, global, and demanding business environments. Whether you are a small start-up with a few employees or a large corporations powered by 100’s of staff you are only as good as they are. Data is already at the epicentre of human management, from health to KPI and CRM, training progresses of individuals and groups, teams’ synergy, productivity, employees’ turnover, employees’ insurance costs. Detalytics Prime delivers this missing knowledge at the right time and for the right purpose.

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Meet Our Team

The Detalytics Family

We have over 2 decades of combined experience in clinical research, software engineering, data analytics and business development across high-growth organisations around the world. We are supported by international advisors with expertise in human factors, sports science, aviation, performance management, extreme medicine, resilience training, the military and education, among others.

Core Team

Our Consultants